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Is tally hard to learn?

No, Tally is not hard to learn. It’s just a simple accounting software if you know the accounting basics. E.g. You are purchasing a computer. Then you have to enter the computer under the fixed asset head and you have to use the purchase voucher.
It’s very easy to learn if you did your education in commerce stream, if you are non-commerce stream, it’s easy also for them.
Any course with your interest is simple to learn and easy to understand. Nowadays tally erp9 is very valuable. Due to its flexibility, large companies use this. After coming of GST, Tally has evolved with some changes, so you need to learn the advanced techniques from a reputed institute with industry relevant curriculum. Tally is popularly known as an accounting software. It does all the functions of accounting.
It is a simple accounting management system. No need to strain for that.
It supports for multi-currency support. So, you can make the entry of the invoice which may be in any currency. It manages purchase and sales effectively. So, we can make the report of that without any doubt.
Tally is designed to adapt with GST filing. So, it easily handles the gst oriented entries and calculate the tax in a fraction of seconds.
It provides the mechanism for managing inventory with flexibility. So, it is easy to track the status of the inventory easily.
We can easily extract the content as report in various format. So, we can use it wherever we need that.