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How much time do we need to learn Tally?

A tally is an accounting software that provides the best solution for all types of business.
Tally course is taught by many institutions or websites for a certain period. But everyone is asking how much time we need to learn tally. Tally is like a growing plant. Every day, it is being updated by developing new functionalities.
            We can’t learn fully the tally. But we can learn what is suitable and what is needed. We can’t fix the time for learning tally. It is in our hand. It is based on the understanding power of you. Some may learn in the month; some may take three months or even some may take a year. So, we can’t decide the time to finish.
            But, more institutions have fixed the time of six months. According to my opinion, it is impossible. We can cover the syllabus. But it is questionable whether we understand the concepts well.
            So, don’t strain with the tally. But take two or three concepts per day. Focus on that concepts deeply with practical activities. Then only you can understand the tally well. Otherwise, it will be boring for you. But you have to keep practice with tally regularly.
            If we follow this practice, then there is no doubt we will be an expert in the tally. We can get the job surely and no confusion with work. We can work smoothly without any hesitation. Love to learn tally. Tally will be in your hand.