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Is the Tally course useful?

The Tally course is a very useful one. Let’s discuss it. The Tally is one the accounting software used in India. We need the knowledge of Tally to get the accounts related jobs.  The software handles accounting, inventory management, tax management, payroll etc. Tally is very easy to use.
Traditionally, an accounting was done manually by a trained accountant with the use of registers, account books, vouchers etc.
In a manual accounting, all the calculations, i.e. addition, subtraction, etc. with respect to the transactions are performed manually. In contrast, in the computerized accounting, there is no need to perform calculations, as the calculations are performed by the computer automatically.
In the manual accounting, a person remains involved all the time, with the accounts, to enter and update transactions, which is tedious and time-consuming too. As against, in the computerized accounting, once the transaction is entered, it is automatically updated in all the accounts to which it relates and thus, the process is comparatively faster.
Sometimes, the manual accounting leads to the wrong calculation as it is done manually. But, in the tally system, the result will be accurate. There is no backup when we follow the manual accounting system. But in our tally system, we can take the backup.
If we want to prepare the financial statement, in the manual accounting system, it takes a long time. But in our tally system, we will get that in a fraction of seconds by one click.
So, Tally is very useful for the accounting purpose which also eliminates the mistakes by its powerful functionalities.