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How to learn Tally online?

We can learn the tally from online. There are so many resources on the internet. They are in the form of audio, video or pdf file format. You have to choose which format is convenient for you to learn.
After choosing the format, the initial step is to install the tally software. It is easy to install. You can download it from the official site and get installed.
            After installing the tally, you need to create the company in the tally. For creating that, you can watch the videos related that. It is important in the tally accounting. You can Create, alter or delete the companies.
            After creating that, you have to see about the ledger creation. Using which, we will enter our Financial transactions. So, keep practice for creating that. Tally also enable us to create, edit or delete the ledgers. For doing that, you can watch the relevant videos or read the relevant articles.
            After finishing that, you have to learn about voucher entries like purchase, sale, journal, payment. You have to analyse your financial transactions, and the make entry under which voucher is suitable for the transactions. For example, if we have the sales invoice, then we have to make that entry under the Sales Voucher. If we have the purchase invoice of something, then we have to make that entered under the Purchase Voucher. You can refer the following link for further details:
            Before, you are going to make the voucher entry you have to learn about the rules of the tally for that entry. Based on the rule, you have to proceed with your entry.