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How difficult is tally?

A tally is the powerful tool which provides the accounting solution with accuracy. Tally provides the perfect business management solution and helps for filing GST. Tally permits business owners and their associates to do more without any strain.
More people are asking whether tally is easy or difficult before using the tally. In the world, nothing is the toughest. But we are imagining that may be hard. Then why we have to touch that. First, we have to change this attitude. Then only we can learn anything.
            Before we are going to learn anything, first we have to assume it as simple and we are able to face. This attitude will bring success in any work.
            A Tally is so simple. The tally is familiar with its simplicity and powerful functionalities. So, no one need to have a fear on the tally. The interface of the tally is so interactive. So, it is too easy to use. Its menus are designed as in the easy way to understand.
            The tally is not only easy for commerce students. Anyone can understand it, due to its simplicity. As the tag line of Tally says ‘Power of Simplicity’ which is actually true as it is really very simple to do your accounting in Tally because of its ease of use and simplicity of functions.