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How many months can a person learn Tally?

Nowadays, a tally is very important one even the organization is small or big. So, it also increases the job opportunities. After the arrival of GST, still, it gets more importance.  
The tally is the simplest one.  But, we should be able to understand its functionalities. The duration of learning tally differs from man to man. It depends on the understanding power of the learner.
            According to my point of view, one month is enough to learn all the necessary concepts in the tally. If you already have the knowledge, then it is too easy and learns it within a very short period. Still, apart from other things, interesting plays the vital role in learning. One can’t do anything without interest. But, if one is very eager, then he will learn it.
            We have to make the schedule for the concepts and go through the concepts and make the practice with that concepts. This process will give more benefits to learning the tally course. Also, you have to take the real-time accounting problems and apply the concepts in that problems.
            If you are practising in the way, you will be able to make the entries of any sales invoices, bank entries and purchase entries and expense entries and so on.
            It takes a long time only if you are in the starting point. After you cross that point, you can easily understand the upcoming concepts without any guide. So, try to be eager. And learn more things.